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Thermal Interface

KOLD-01 Thermal Paste

KOLD-01 Thermal Paste is a high-performance silicone thermal paste. With unique formulation, it has an excellent balance among thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, stability, and ease of application


Compound Cleaner

KLEAN-01 Thermal Paste Cleaner

KLEAN-01 Thermal Paste Cleaner is especially designed for removing and wiping out thermal compounds. Unlike other detergents, KLEAN-01 doesn’t leave any impurities on the CUP/GPU/heatsink surface.

Design with Sustainability in Mind

Sustainability is one of our priorities as we want not only to provide products but also to bring joy and comfort to your life. Odorless and no chemical vapor are key features in our thermal interface design. For compound cleaner, we remove impurities to avoid excess detergent needed to clean them.