Compound Cleaner

KLEAN-01 Thermal Paste Cleaner

KLEAN-01 Thermal Paste Cleaner is especially designed for removing and wiping out thermal compounds. Unlike other detergents, KLEAN-01 doesn’t leave any impurities on the CUP/GPU/heatsink surface

We also provide gloves in our package, so that thermal paste and chemicals won’t touch your hands


Can KLEAN-01 effectively removes all thermal pastes?

The answer is yes. We tested 15+ thermal paste brands on the market. By using KLEAN-01, all thermal pastes can be wiped out easily.

With provided gloves, you don’t have to worry about chemicals touching hands. Feel free to uninstall the cooler and reapply thermal paste!

 Why KLEAN-01?


Cleaning Performance

With our designed ingredient, KLEAN-01 can efficiently wipe out residue of old thermal compound


Easy Handling

Big size cleaning wipes (12cm x 15cm) help users to clean and polish CPU and heatsink with ease (20 wipes included)



We provide convenient tools (gloves, spreader, and spatula) with cleaning wipes, helping you to clean & reapply thermal compound efficiently without touching chemical materials

What you don’t see in KLEAN-01?



With our ingredient, there will be no impurities of residues left on CPU/heatsinks


Dirty & Messy

With KLEAN-01, most dirty and messy residues of thermal compound can be wiped out


Hard to Process

Get rid of cotton swab + IPA combo that requires you excess attention and effort. KLEAN-01 can do the job for you

Product Package includes KLEAN-01 Thermal Paste Cleaning Wipe x 20, Gloves x 1 pair, Spreader x 1, Spatula x 1