Thermal Interface

KOLD-01 Thermal Paste

KOLD-01 Thermal Paste is a high-performance silicone thermal paste. With unique formulation, it has an excellent balance among thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, stability, and ease of application

 Why KOLD-01?


Cooling Performance

Ultra-thin design* allows heat to be dissipated much more efficiently than thick pastes. Low thermal resistance enables KOLD-01 to cool down temperatures better than other pastes

*Achievable Thickness: 0.02mm (market avg.: 0.5mm)


Long-Term Stability

After extensive empirical aging tests & lab tests*, KOLD-01 can be used for over 5 years in real-life environments

 *Continuous 150oC heating for 2,000 hrs (other pastes degrade under such conditions)


Eco-Friendly & Sustainability

With no volatility, KOLD-01 emits NO chemical substances and odors* into the air and brings a safer environment to users than other pastes

*Chemical volatile: 0.0% (market avg.: 1.1%)


Ease of Application

With unique rheological design*, KOLD-01 is more fluid-like when being spread, but is more like a solid when no spreading force is applied, allowing users to apply it more easily

*Viscosity with spreading force: 100Pa-s; Viscosity without spreading force: 1,200Pa-s

What you don’t see in KOLD-01?


Runniness, Watery & Oil-bleeding

KOLD-01 employs no organic solvent in its formulation. Organic solvents are the major cause of runniness and oil-bleeding in other thermal pastes


Dry Out & Crack

Unlike other thermal pastes, KOLD-01 doesn't degrade, leak oil, or crack after years of use


Short Circuits

Made with a non-electrical conductive, KOLD-01 eliminates risks of short circuit


Technical Spec

  • Model: KOLD-01

  • Achievable Thickness: 0.02mm (market avg.: 0.5mm)

  • Thermal Resistance: 0.05oC-cm2/W

  • Chemical volatile: 0.0% (market avg.: 1.1%)

  • Viscosity with spreading force: 100Pa-s

  • Viscosity without spreading force: 1,200Pa-s

  • Density : 2.6 g/ml

  • Working temperature: -50~150oC

  • Recommended usage time: 5 years

Product Package includes KOLD-01 Thermal Paste x 1, Gloves x 1 pair, KLEAN-01 Thermal Paste Cleaning Wipe x2, Spreader x 1, Spatula x 1, Instruction x 1